Meet the Trainer

About Me

Hello & welcome to Meadow Valley Dog Training, I'm Hannah Lissenberg a professional dog trainer in Manitoba. I am passionate about connecting people with their dogs to help them understand what whats missing in the relationship to better help fulfill the dogs and owners needs. 

I have from a young age felt a connection to animals, developing the understanding of dogs has been a journey of a lifetime, and I'm constantly excited to be able to teach others to understand their four legged loved one. I currently have a beautiful dog named Meadow who has been a great example of dog body language.  I'm constantly learning from each dog I handle and always strive to keep learning!

I have worked with dogs with a variety of behavioral issues, from severe leash pulling, jumping up, reactivity, separation anxiety and more. I have been a professional dog trainer for 4 years and am happy to say I have helped many owners and dogs create a new relationship for both dog and human to enjoy, and I hope I can do the same for you! 

My training style

I train dogs to find a calm state of mind, I teach people to communicate with their dog, learn their own dogs body language and how to best help them in each situation. I work on the source of issues. Meaning I find out if the dog is anxious, insecure, overwhelmed, etc;  instead of only looking at the symptom. There is a reason behind the dogs behavior, once I can help the source we work on the symptoms. 

I work as a professional balanced dog trainer. I use all of the operant conditioning quadrants, meaning I not only use positive reinforcement but I use the other quadrants as well to keep the dog accountable and have effective communication-with each dog as they need.

I believe in exercising the body and the mind to create a healthy dog physically and mentally.  I value the 3 C's for both the dogs and people. Calm, Confident and Communication.

I believe to be successful with dog training is to put time and energy into working with each dog's family. I value the time spent the the owner to learn how to correctly understand and handle their dog and to reinforce the new training habits taught while working with me. I believe that every owner can be successful with the understanding that the work I do with the dog just scrapes the surface of the work that will have to be done at home with each dog. If you as the an owner are committed to working with your pooch then I am too!