Frequently Asked Questions

Which program is my dog suited for?

  • If your dog is a bad puller, but other than that he or she is a happy go lucky dog.

  • If your dog is an over excited jumper and you cant get he or she to stop.

  • If your dog has separation anxiety or social anxiety.

  • your dog doesn't pay attention to your commands

  • puppy nipping, biting. Puppy behaviors.

The day train program would be good for you.

  • If when you go on walks with your dog, it sees another dog and you cant get your dogs attention back with because it is barking aggressively.

  • your dog has had years practicing a poor behavior, ex. barking at dogs, pacing, anxiety.

I would recommend the double day program.

  • If you are experiencing issues of home triggers such as chasing chickens, horses, cats.

  • protective behavior inside the home.

Day & home train might be your program.

Also understand every dog is different, if you are uncertain contact me and we will discuss a program best suited for you and your dog.

My dog has a weirdly specific behavior issue, can you work with that?


Sometimes a dog can develop a habit of a negative behavior (for example being afraid of people with red bikes wearing a hat) which is oddly specific. We will look at the source of the problem instead of the symptoms. We will take the dog afraid of a guy riding a red bike and a hat and instead of trying to find that scenario I'll look at the dogs emotional and mental state and start there. Helping the dog gain confidence in the handler first with the end result of the issue of red bikes and hats being resolved.

My dog has trouble in the car, do you work with that in your program?


If your dog is anxious in the car or is constantly jumping seats and moving around, this is definitely something we can work on within any of our programs.

Can you train an old dog out of bad behaviours?


I can work with older dogs as well, it might take a little more time and effort because the older dog has had time to practice a habit. But they for sure can learn good behavior. The training I do is about helping the dog to be healthier mentally, calm and confident verses teaching an old dog an agility course which would be hard on them for their age.

I would love to help an old dog be happy mentally rather than live the remainder of their years stressed out.

Are you a positive reinforcement only trainer?

I do use positive reinforcement in my training and it is very effective for developing and teaching new behaviors. I also use Positive Punishment, Negative Reinforcement and Negative Punishment. In-fact most trainers use many of the operant conditioning quadrants and don't know it! Upfront the word "Negative" can sound cruel however the reality is the word "Positive" is adding to a situation and and "Negative" is taking away. Once you understand that you can give clear communication to your dog of what you are asking.

The main thing is about how to find the balance of what each dog needs to be the most successful!